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Renaissance dentalĀ you recommend having at leastĀ renaissance dental six but preferably eight to ten months worth of mortgage payment set aside is that just the hedge against .

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

Vacancies or for everything if you do have more than one bucket for all of those things how many buckets you have and how much would you consider you need to have fully funded buckets or are.

They never fully funded you just put in X dollars or X percent of rent per month into perpetuity and take money out as required assuming there are no issues found in .

The inspection and they close on the property our plan is to pay out of my w income the market rate for rent for the side I’ll be living in including the amount .

That would normally be considered profit and shovel all of it into beefing up the savings account for the house which brings me back to my question how much you considered to be enough savings for.

A rental property at some point I would like to take the profit on the property and use it to decrease the rent I’m paying out of my w income but I want to make sure .

I have a fully funded house fund before I do that I know that you tend to be a more conservative real estate investor which by I thought you’d be a great person to ask .

Thanks for all you do on both the blog and the podcast I look forward to hearing your response Katherine first of all congratulations on being under contract on that duplex you’re years old and your .

House hacking for the first time that incredibly impressive Steve can we have a round of applause here so to your question how big of an emergency fun do you need first there