I even  thought about it I guess  my husband’s a dentist he graduated from  the University of Maryland dental school and I opened a scratch practice with him  in in Baltimore Maryland now I have a background in training I have a degree in organizational development Human  Resources    I’m management marketing training experience but I knew nothing about dentistry I mean I didn’t know teeth had numbers and I’m  for seeing the codes thinking oh my gosh you know I need to know all these codes.

I mean and there was really no resource for me when I got started you  know I just kind of got thrown into it and had to figure it out you know I went and saw Linda miles and all the great speakers and and all I really knew was  customer service and management and in team building and sales and in the business side I just didn’t know the dentistry so my husband and I have since started to scratch practices we now dental helps  live  in San Diego San Diego California and over the years I’ve been asked because we’ve got two very successful well we’ve had two very successful practices.

I’ve been asked the same questions over and  over again and and people want me to come in and consult and come in and help their team and and so I came up with the idea with front office rocks a couple years ago because I I knew there was a missing resource for dental teams I mean  I know that doctors you know I was married to my husband while through through dental school they don’t teach anything about the the business side of it they don’t teach the front office you know you.

You buy a practice your starter practice and then you kind of rely on  your team to know what they’re doing and it’s really there’s not a lot of resources out there for us up front to help Twitter us improve in our jobs so I started front office rocks with the idea to help doctors and their teams improve in the area all the areas up front for everything from answering the  phones to scheduling productively to getting a patient to pay to handling insurance issues to managing a team everything that has to do the front desk and I wanted it to be a resource.