Life-saving Tips About Tooth-polisher

it’s a rubber Cup that’s designed to be Tooth-polisher  reminiscent of proper dentist tools and when using this this is best suited to the whitening mode that you may have on a brush and this oscillates and rotates and the rubber Cup in there brushes against.

The tooth surface and is designed to give it sort of a buff up and a polish and a shine so that really helps with keeping the teeth nice and white we then have these sensitive brush head now this is designed to be used with the sensitive or massage mode on an oral-b brush and these bristles are a lot softer.

Than the bristles do you get on most other brush heads and this is designed for those with sensitive gums maybe some inflammation in the mouth you can see the bristles are all of these sort of same length there and this will oscillate and rotate.

But you have no sort of specialist bristles like you do on some of the other brush heads it’s designed to sort of keep a nice consistent brushing technique along the tooth and the gum line and help with those people who have sensitive teeth.

Tooth-polisher You also then have the precision clean brush head this was the main brush head you would get prior to the cross action being designed it removes up to five times more plaque you’ve got different bristles of different lengths to cut the tooth get in between.

The teeth and along the gum line and really clean away the plaque there so that’s the precision clean which works on a daily clean mode then at the end here we have two specialist tips we’ve got the ortho tip here which is designed for braces and you can see that.

We’ve got this outer ring of bristles Tooth-polisher we then got a gap and then we’ve got these three bunches of inner bristles and this works really well on braces it helps allow you to use an electric toothbrush without actually getting caught up on