This report it’s going to RENAISSANCE DENTAL consider them a new patient exactly that doesn’t mean that they’ve actually had the comp exam ok great somebody asks just as I’m trying to keep up with the questions how do I print the analysis report you just go to the top to print yep we process.

there yeah and one of the things because you jumped ahead on us so I’m excited but can you go back to the main screen with the with the reports and tell us.

They said you know that’s it RENAISSANCE DENTAL I’m done I don’t need any more appointments so the same thing we could run that report for a period got it this is a better way to be able to find new patients and even like we said based on our age range let’s see how many new patients we had in a certain age range after.

We’ve done a you know some sort of marketing campaign all right so my whole hope with this these training that we’re doing and we’re sharing is that sometimes consultants who know Ego soft inside and out like you go through things we’re like yeah this looks great and then you leave we can’t remember.

RENAISSANCE DENTAL What you did and we don’t know what these fields are can you walk us through kind of just a quick overview of what the fields mean if somebody’s trying to look for something ok so let me close this out and take you back so it’s under your activities practice management and money finder all right and in money finder these areas this is NRA which is next regular appointment.

Which consider anything with the doctor is a regular appointment and next preventive appointment so that would be anything in the hygiene department and I got to tell you that’s compute by every time I sat down I got confused.

Because I always thought an RA was an extra care appointment so sympathy if I’m sitting if you’re sitting at the front desk I would put like a little reminder for yourself what NR a n is an NP a because that wasn’t super clear for me yeah Get More RENAISSANCE DENTAL